Sunday, October 7, 2012

Better Late Than Never...

In case anyone actually reads this mess... sorry for being away from this site for so long. Our excuse is that we have been hard at work paying bills and finishing our debut album. Which is out RIGHT NOW... so either head over to iTunes, pick it up on our rekurd tour (see below), or download it off an illegal torrent site and pay us back later. The album 'Holy Drunken Fisherman', is something we are really stoked with and can't wait to play its songs around the country this month. P.S nice artwork Jeff Glue...

Before we move on, how good is this delivery from Mr. Shane Warne? I had a discussion the other day with a man called Brendan Connelly who fronts Adelaide's most talented 5 piece, East End Villains, about the difficulties that arise when trying to explain the rules of cricket to a foreigner... especially the laws specific to an LBW dismissal.

Ok. We are touring around the country in October and November, so check the tour dates on the home page, or on Facebook. Please come and say hello to us if you're at a show, as we get very lonely.

Love The Salvadors

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Merrily film clip

Our film clip for Merrily is now available. Should be on TV boxes by next week.

Filmed by ourselves as well as good mate Alistair Nicholls.

That sure is a nice jumper that Tom is wearing.

Making our debut album.

We have finished mixes now. Finally!

All tracks are done... we will let it out into the world very soon.

Here is a taste of a track titled 'Holy Drunken Fisherman'...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


An update:

1) Returned back from HotHouse studios in St. Kilda last week. No guitars were picked up... it was 3 days of mixing the record. Perhaps the most relaxing studio experience we have ever had. The most stressful moments generally came when contemplating which brand of beers to drink and which types of food to eat. We became very well acquainted with 'LuWOW' on Johnson street - A Hawaiian themed club that only played 50's/60's swing music. Anyway, we have been listening to the mixes for the past week and they are sounding very nice indeed. Tweaks will be at a minimum, and artwork is being discussed as we speak. 

2) Eugene ate 3 yiros/kebabs/souvlakis during a 2 hour period whilst on his way home one of the nights. 

3) We are pretty excited to be supporting Big Scary for the Perth and Adelaide legs of their nation tour. They are a fucking excellent band and a couple of upstanding citizens, so get along.
4) Obviously some rather big and disappointing news re our US tour (read below). We are planning on heading over in October if everything falls into place, but on the bright side this has allowed us to concentrate on finishing the album and getting a big Australian tour put in place.


Well, things have turned pear shaped. In a pretty shitty turn of events, and after having a very exciting and solid tour to the US all locked in, we have recently been advised by the US embassy that our working visas will not be processed in time for us to attend SXSW and begin our run of shows.
Obviously the band is pretty disappointed by the news, especially considering the amount of work that was put in to make it a possibility in the first place. Having said this, we have made it a priority of ours to tour the US during 2012.
Considering the fact that we recently played a show that we marketed as a ‘Goodbye Party’ at the Rhino Room, we obviously feel that we are in debt to a lot of you. Therefore we have decided to play our next headline show (whenever that may be) free of charge.
So as a band, we’d like to apologise to those who were looking forward to The Salvadors coming over. Obviously it is something that is way out of control, but still it sucks. 
On a more positive note, we just returned from Melbourne, where a huge bulk of the mixing was done on the new album. The guys at Hothouse have been doing an amazing job and it is sounding pretty ridiculous. It looks like it’ll be completely finished in the next week or two, so things should be getting pretty busy in Salvadors land very shortly!
Take care,
The Salvadors.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Funky Miller.

We have been pretty quiet of late, but all is about to change. We have been sending our forthcoming single, "Merrily" back and forth between our backyard studio and our good friends at Hothouse, who are putting the finishing touches on the mix. Our last request was to cut the intro in half. We are very excited about releasing it into the wild... it is a song full of twists and turns.

The album also chugs along, like the little train that could. But more of this later...

The Unearthed party that we played for Triple J was both an honour and a blur. A big thank you to Travis who played the skins for us on the night in place of the Red Headed Ring Leader, who was over in Cambodia solving the world's problems. The crowd was one of the most receptive we've played to, especially considering it was a Wednesday night.

Anyways, we are off to Kangaroo Island to play a festival next weekend, before we play the first headline show we've done for ages on Nov 19th at Jive. Watched 'The Science of Sleep' last night. What a trip. Have spent the past 24 hours pinching myself to make sure I'm awake.

Been waiting over a month for the delivery of a new compression pedal from the states. Should I be panicking by now? I lost my old one on a Tiger flight.

Below is the 'Salvador's Clip of the Week'...